Friday, 12 April 2013

A letter ... ! x

A letter to a bully from me ...

Dear Bully,

There was a picture of a boy recently whose self asteem had hit a real low all due to a bully.

I know, or should I say, knew how he felt I was there once upon a time.

This is a picture of me at the age I was bullied.

And this is my letter to the bully of my youth, to the ones who brought my self asteem down and made me think I was worthless, but, thankfully I have held onto to lots of things I loved then about life and about me.

Why I was bullied I will never know, there were no punches or pulling of hair, but there were comments, and being talked about and being laughed at that hurt as much, if not more, than a punch would have.

I come from a wonderful loving family, a family that appreciates you for who you are and celebrates what makes you individual.

These same values weren't shared by all around me.

The hand me down clothes I loved were critised ... I still love second hand clothes!

Handmade knitted jumpers were laughed at ... now I crochet my own!

My music tastes were dismissed ... I love folk music!

It is amazing how this affects you at the time, I would make myself ill so I didn't have to go to school or if I was 'unfortunate' enough to get to school I would become ill during the day ... but always in time for Lunchtime so my Dad could pick me up in his lunch hour.

I don't know whether my bullies ever realised how much they hurt, how much they affected my own self asteem.


 I am stronger, 

I am more tolerant (I hope),

I am loving,

I am forgiving,

I am happy with who I am and who I have become.

Thankfully Mom and Dad worked out what was happening, they spoke to teachers, they spoke to parents and I gained the courage to make true friends!

To those that are now being bullied, you are beautiful, you are strong. Take courage and tell someone, your mom, your dad, a teacher, a friend ... ask for help and it will be there with love and understanding.

Thank you for reading, thank you for taking a moment, this is so personal but I want to share.



  1. It takes courage to share such a personal & poignant post. Your spirit shines through, and how blessed you are to have a loving family, and despite those bullies, to have risen back up again. Well done! Be happy, always..

  2. My daughter, now 23 and stunningly beautiful, was bullied relentlessly at school leading to her suffering with anorexia. Happily, although very slim, she is now in recovery thanks to some wonderful NHS care at a residential centre. Bullies are vile people - I would like to give them a taste of their own medicine to see what it feels like. Well done for your courageous post - I have stumbled on your blog quite by accident. X

  3. I think we had the same situation at school. It's always difficult to tell people who are going through it that one day they will move on and where will the bullies be then. Bullying of any sort should not be tolerated - whether by children or adults (I've certainly witnessed - and spoken up - about it in the workplace before. Your outlook is commendable - speaking to one supportive person can make all the difference. Well done on such a thoughtful post x Jane

  4. To true sweetie, you are very brave and wonderful. I handle very similar experiences. My opinion is that I have never conformed to the trends but its made me who I am. These experiences help us understand what our children go through and be strong fit them.
    Look at you now, your amazing, I bet if you found those bully's today they have nothing and I'm not talking material items, I'm talking, the wealth that is family love, happiness & friendship.
    Well done on this brave and wonderful post.
    Much love xx

  5. Thanks for your encouraging post, Mellie. I am so glad for the loving folks who were there to cheer you on to be, as I am grateful for the ones who did the same for me...we are blessed. Now at the age of 62 I have given more thought to the idea of blessing those that curse me... I do not approve of bullying. I set boundaries of self protection. I look for positive traits and actions of others that I can praise. I still am growing to be better at nose to nose confrontation, and I am trying to pray blessing on my enemies, convinced that the only way bullies can become lovers is if they are filled with love that turns them away from meanness and hate and enables them to love as well.

  6. Good for you for being strong enough to move through your bullying and stay true to the beauty that you are... Hugs Cx

  7. (((hugs))) it is really great to share because it can help others in many ways. You are amazeballs! xxx

  8. Good for you! I really hope your bully reads this and sees what an amazing, kind and thoughtful person you are. Bullies usually are troubled people themselves, and by belittling others, this somehow makes them feel better ....

    So glad you came out the other side and if one bullied person reads this and is inspired to stand up to their bully that wukd be a fantastic achievement!

    Love to you

    Claire xx

  9. Congratulations on such a heartfelt post. I hope someone who needs to read these positive words find their way to your blog and take them to heart. You're amazing! xx


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