Wednesday, 24 April 2013

World Book Night! x

Hello, do you love to read?

I do!

And so I put my name down to be a World Book Night Giver!

And I was chosen, the book I selected to give was The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier.

And so last week, while I was at the Dressmaking course 20 copies arrived for me to collect from the library.

World Book Night was on the 23rd April, but I decided to give my books out at Morris Practice this evening.

Here are a few action shots from our practice this evening ...

Sorting Hat ...

 Pershore Hankie Dance ... 

Twiglet ... 

Manning Tree ... 

It is all so energetic!

And here are the wonderful musicians ...

It was during the break the books were given out ...

And some started the book during practice ... oops!!

It was good being part of World Book Night and hopefully those that received a book enjoy it!

I have a few books left to give out, I just need to decide where and when.

So, if someone gives you a book through World Book Night, read it, keep it or pass it on ... but most importantly enjoy it!

bye, bye!



  1. What a wonderful idea and such a lovely book to give. I have just read Ms Chevalier's latest The Last Runaway and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sarah x

  2. Brilliant ^_^ And how fab does Morris practice look!


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