Saturday, 6 April 2013

On my Camera ... March 2013! x

do you take lots of photos to record and help the memories continue to stay with you?

I take so very many each month, and so many go without being shared!

So thanks to Heather at Little Tin Bird, I have be introduced to the idea of a month in photos ... 

so here goes ...

Day one of my Holiday in Venice, the view from my seat on the plane, the alleyway to the hotel, the hotel and my first sight of gondolas ...

Day two ... wondering around Venice, the canals, the museums, the glass ...

Day three ... Murano, the washing, the bridge of sighs, the Doge's Palace ...

Day four ... more wonderings, museums, a little bric a brac stall ...

Day five ... the last day a time to gather more memories and say goodbye ...

Back home and a wintry walk ...

And beautiful flowers and the promise of Spring ... 



  1. Venice is so incredibly beautiful - I went many years ago but one day hope to take Mr K as he is a huge fan of Paris - I want to prove that Venice can even top that! Looks like you had a wonderful time and have got some great memories x Jane

    1. Oh Jane, it is such a wonderful place ... tell Mr K that he will love as much as Paris!! I have been to Paris a few times and love it, it still has a piece of my heart and now Venice has stolen another piece ... I can't wait to take Mr Moo there!! x

  2. A lovely meander through your month in pics - thanks for sharing them. Venice is one of my favourites too, we're headed back there again next month :-)
    Happy weekend,

    1. That's my pleasure Gilly, oh I am soooo jealous that you will be there next month!! Enjoy and share your photos too!! x

  3. Venice looks beautiful and your photos are really lovely.
    M xxx

  4. I loved seeing the world around you through your lens, Mellie! Thanks!


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