Tuesday, 9 April 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 14/52! x

Hello, well another wonderful week has passed by and from the week a few simple things have made me happy.

The sowing of seeds ... 

So the two packets of sunflowers and the sweet peas have been sown into seed trays ...

Which are all housed safely in here ...

I can't wait to see the first seedlings!!

The Nigella seeds will be sown straight into the garden along with Cornflowers seeds I have now too!

The there was a purchase at the bargain price of £1.00!!

A lovely new teacosy for my teapot ...

This weekend I spent a little time looking at old photos of me ...

So here is me ... from a baby to sixth form!! Note the heavy fringe that I have recently had cut back in!! It was fun looking back but the reason was to tell a story, one that I am thinking of posting on my little blog, one that may help someone. I'm still thinking about it ... ! 

On my ... its not as bad as that may sound ... although it felt it at the time!!

And then ... more sessions at Hobbycraft ... this weekend ... oh my!!

The plans for the workshops are coming along nicely with a few ideas already ... see my Workshop page!! I have a few locations set and ready to go ... I just need to make a decision!!

My happy week!



  1. I have the one picture. :-)

    I hope you are well. Much love to you.


  2. Lovely happy week ^_^ Have a happy Hobbycraft time ^_^

  3. I wish I could get together to crochet with you at Hobbycraft, Mellie! Today at our blogger's lunch Teresa and Taci caught where I was running amuck in my crocheted shawl pattern so I get to do some frogging tonight, but I was so glad they saw what I didn't. I produce better work with folks like you and them who are more gifted in noting detail than I am :) It is so great to be surrounded with friendly encouragers! My oldest daughter and little grands planted some seeds and are trying to get them to germinate in the heater room under a light. Great anticipation :) I will enjoy seeing the result of their efforts and yours. Happy weekend!
    xx, Gracie


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