Monday, 8 April 2013

My Easter ... ! x

Hello, finally I thought I would tell you all about my Easter ... and have a little ta-dah moment for my Easter Wreath!

Here it is in the sewing together stage can you see all the lovely sparkly pins I brought to hold it altogether. I do have loads of pins already but these were so lovely and sparkly I couldn't resist!!

I had a few days off on the lead up to the Easter weekend so off I popped to my favourite tea room ...


For a cuppa, a tea cake ... I only remembered to take a photo just before I finished the tea cake! And a peruse of Inside Crochet.

My favourite tea room may also be a venue for future workshops ... yipppeeeeee!!

There was lots of crochet time too, especially as I was meant to be in Morecambe at my International Crochet Day ... damn cold!

On Good Friday we wrapped up warm and headed into town to see the Passion Play!

And what a spectacular event it was! The town certainly turned out for it, when Bewdley does event the support is magnificent!! The actors weaved through the crowds to get to the different stages around the main street. To share with you I have picked out come picures from the end of play.

Here is Jesus carrying the cross through town ...

And then of course Jesus on the cross. Even through I am not religious seeing Jesus raised on the cross did take my breathe away it was truly amazing feat of achievement! 

And the reality of the nails ... was a little gory!!


I was proud of my little town and the wonderful play it had given the people!!

On Saturday we ventured for a couple of hours to escape the house and get some fresh air to a nearby town full of quaint streets and lovely little shops.

This is a street known as the Cartway.

On the walk around the the town we found some ultimate yarn bombing ...

How amazing!!

Sunday was a quiet day the cold was not going so it was wrapped up warm at Mom and Dads where I finished Mr B. I love making toys and seeing them come to life as you complete them ... I know I have shoen him off already but I love him so!

And now for my ta-dah moment ... My Easter Wreath!!

Its now on my office wall at work where I can enjoy it fully each day and brings a little crochet joy each day at work ... I'm not sure what my colleagues think (yes I share an office) but I am sure they love it too!!

bye, bye,



  1. What a lovely Easter! The Passion Play looked spectacular!
    I loved seeing the Pride and Prejudice yarn bombing, lol :)
    And Mr B, and your Easter Wreath are fabulous! :) xxx

  2. Love love love the Pride and Prejudice yarn bombing its lovely.
    Looks like you had a great Easter, your Easter wreath is beautiful :)x

  3. What a fab Easter! Love your Easter wreath, it s very pretty. I would be very happy to share an office with your little wreath!
    M xxx

  4. Your wreath looks beautiful! Well done!

  5. So sorry for your illness, Mellie. I agree with the comments above! Xx Gracie

  6. Ooh you're really close to me! I'm in Dudley :). Which Hobby Craft have you been doing workshops in? I would love to attend one seeing as I'm such a newbie to crochet! X

  7. Sparkly things are not even worth trying to resist! ^_^ Your Easter wreath is so beautiful! The Passion play looks amazing. Truly stunning yarn bombing! And Mr B is worth showing in every post ^_^


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