Tuesday, 23 April 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 16/52! x

Hello, what a beautiful day, I am home earlier than usual the back door is wide open and I am loving the sunny evening!!

As promised, here is my catch up on 52 Weeks of Happy ...

My I take you through my 16th Week ...

I started a Dressmaking Course during the last week, its something I have wanted to do for so long so when a poster appeared in a local shop I booked some time of work and enrolled!

The first week was seams including a french seam ... and then we made a little bowtie!! 

I love mine ...

Sigh ... so satisfying!! This week we are starting a dress!!

Saturday saw the first dance out of the season ... it was a beautiful day, and we, the Wytches, were dancing on our own which makes it an exhausting gig ... but lots of fun!!

A row of tatters ...

On the evening I went to see Mom and Dad sing as part of the Mayors Charity Choir Concert. I took a little bit of crochet to keep me company at the start of the concert, and during the interval ... 

Very relaxing!!

It was a lovely evening!

And finally ... 

Now this needs a little imagination, but it makes me smile every morning as I drive to work ...

Yes, its a tree!

Have you ever spotted shapes in the clouds ... well this is the same but with a tree!

Do you see what I see ... ?

Everytime I look at the tree I see a little dolphin!! 

Now, can you see it?

Or is it just me?

Going from the left hand side there's the nose and the head, then through a thin body to the tail!

Sigh ... I love this tree!!

I think I should sign off now ... :o)



  1. Yes! I saw the dolphin! What fun :-) Thanks for posting, Mellie.

  2. I'll give you humpback whale. :-)
    I love the bow. I wish I could sew. I always wanted to make an outfit, but alas, the eyes hinder me from doing so. :-(


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