Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fancy a cuppa? ... x

I thought I would use another blog post to tell you about another wonderful swap I will be taking part in this year here at Lucy in the Sky
Its the Grand Tea Swap and the idea is we swap tea with any of the tea swappers ... just a couple of tea bags to try and blog about ... a surprise parcel to be delivered at any time! Perfect!
Here are Lucy's rules ...
Rules For The Grand Tea Swap1) Must like tea.
2) Leave a comment and a way for me to contact you via e-mail by the 11.1.13
3) When you receive the list of fellow Tea Swappers just send what you can to whoever you choose when you can.
4) Remember to blog about 'The Grand Tea Swap' and any tea you receive.
I am now looking forward to sending out, and also receiving and tasting some wonderful tea.
So I am now looking forward to more of these moments ... sigh ... cheers!!


  1. Ive signed up to this one too - what a lovely idea it is! And so simple as well!

    ahhh, think I need a cuppa now just thinking about it ;)


  2. Yipppeeeee ... I am so looking forward to it ... I can see us all venturing to different places and buying tea so there maybe a story behind the swaps too!! xx


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