Saturday, 5 January 2013

Wassail ... !! x

Good evening,
the weekends adventures began this afternoon with Wassailing with Wytchwood Morris. We gathered in the town and it felt a little surreal at first there were only a few of us, and then gradually more and more people began turning up to take part in or to just watch the proceedings.
The afternoon began with a procession along the river and up Load Street into Jubilee Gardens with lanterns blazing and the Gloucester Wassail song being sung.
"With the wassailing bowl, we'll drink to thee"
Then the dancing and singing began by Wytchwood, Wytchettes, Belly Fusion (a local belly dancing side), Bewdley Choral Society, and of course the wonderful Bewdley residents and those from further afield.
And so to some photos from the day ...
The Wytchettes
There had been a couple of workshops for the children to make their own tatters, learn a morris dance and a song! They were truly amazing and hopefully the future of Morris Dancing is safe!

Titterstone Clee

A Wychette in Top Hat

The crowd ... !! Oh and a few of Wytchwood.
And then the Wassail began.
Wassailing awakens the apple trees and to scare away the evil spirits to ensure a good harvest. The apple trees are wassailed with cider made from last years apples putting some of the goodness back.
The blessing is said and the wassail bowl full of cider is passed around ...
The Wytchwood bowl was made by the woodturner Rebecca Harris who I have mentioned before, do pop and have a nose at her website.

Bread is soaked in cider and hung onto the trees.
And then to scare away the evil spirits as much noise is made ...
The pans and chocolate tin lids at the ready!!
It was such a wonderful afternoon, and while the trees are only saplings ... but fingers crossed they will now grow stong and bear lots of delicious fruit!
Hopefully this is will be the start of wassailing in the town and will continue for many years to come.


  1. HI there. Good news about your Wassail, my Mum and Dad have their's next Saturday.

    There're over the border near Newent.

    1. Oh briliant ... say "Wassail" to them from me, and I hope they have a good time!! I am off to another this weekend and am looking forward to it! xx


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