Tuesday, 22 January 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 3/52! x

Hello, and its Tuesday again ... so to decide which things have made me happy this week ... or rather to decide out of all that has which 4 four things to choose!

Oh decisions!!

1 . Snow!! 


2. And as it was so cold I got around to repairing a hole in my favourite gloves!

I brought these gloves from Budapest a few years ago they are knitted and fleece lined ... and sooooo warm!! With this weather they needed repairing. This is the 'after' photo!! A friend had shown me how to repair knitting with a crochet hook ... magic!!

3. A new bag ...
Its for work, and I think it may almost get me organised ... I can even fit a ball of wool and part of the saffron cowl in for me to do at lunchtime!!

4. Listening to live music at the weekend

Photo Courtesy of Google ... The Hut People's award winning CD!

The fabulous Gary and Sam ... it was a fabulous evening!! Thank you guys ... yet again it was an evening to remember!

And this evening I am hibernating with some crochet!

bye, bye!



  1. Lovely happy things - great bag too! Love that you can fit your wool & things in it too :-)

    1. And me ... its now what I look for in a bag ... will I be able to sneak a project in!! xxx

  2. Great happy things - the snow has featured lots in blog land this week. It's so great to see how happy it makes everyone! Well done for repairing your gloves. I bet you were glad of them this week.

    Gillian x

    1. Oh very glad ... my hands have been so warm and snuggly again!! xxx

  3. Hello Mellie

    I never tire of seeing lovely snow photos.....snow leaves everything so magical looking except in the cities that is.
    Nice bag! I must say that is my sort of bag lots and lots of lovely compartments to carry lots of bits including some crochet.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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