Sunday, 6 January 2013

All things vintage ... ! x

Hello, its been a trip to my favourite flea and collectibles, it is such a wonderful may to spend a Sunday morning.

So may I share a few of my photos from my mooching at the fair.

I just love chairs and cushions ... and that bright yellow bread bin is wonderful!! The one thing about these fairs is there is always so many things I love ... !

 I loved the copper kettle, and books galore, beautiful linens, and wonderful signs, colourful knitted socks and Hovis tins ... a wonderful french tea set ... and an array of cottons!

 And so many baskets and materials to tempt any girl ... !!

Bottles from an older era, wonderful railway signs ... and for when the snow comes a few sledges!

While I was at the fair I went to say "hello" to  Jo from White Elephant Vintage ...

Photo courtesy of Jo at White Elephant Vintage

While at Jo's stall I purchased a two beautiful teacup trios to add to my ever growing collection!

These weren't my only purchases ...

 There were a number of crochet doilies ... I couldn't resist the pink ones ...!

The crochet bag is shown better in these photos
When I returned from the fair I had lunch of homemade crumpets made by Zoe ...

They were absolutely delicious! Thank you for sharing Zoe!!

Yesterday, Pretty Nostalgic was delivered to me ... a truly fabulous magazine

The following makes me think of the morning I have had today ...

And the third book along in the library "Wearable Vintage Fashion" is by the owners of one of my favourite shops ...

 And I think this has been written for me ...

And vintage fairs ... sigh!

 I'm off to relax a little more ... a bit of reading and some crochet me thinks.

bye, bye.



  1. Love those pink doilies! I was browsing Pretty Nostalgic in WHSmiths recently and liked it a lot, but thought £8 was steep for a magazine. But it didn't seemed to contain any ads, which is nice, and is almost like a book. I liked it - I may splash out and buy a copy.

    Gillian x

    1. Oh do its a lovely magazine ... and remember Pretty Nostalgic is only out every couple of months ... which does make £8 feel a little better. x

  2. You've made me laugh out loud. The crochet book with the girl and blue dress was my crochet bible when I was about 10! I've still got it know but the cover is nearly ripped off. That one is in much better nick!

    1. Oh wow ... that is funny ... I couldn't resist it, I love the lessons and the projects in it ... so lovely!! xx

  3. Yay I found your blog - how much do I hate Google+, it's impossible! Anyway... I *love* the Hovis tins! Please tell me you bought one right ;-) The railway signs are also very cool (ahem, a bit of my Dad creeping in there...) and how cool are the sledges? Probably a good thing I don't live that near, I'd have no money left....!


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