Tuesday, 8 January 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 1/52 x

Here goes my first week of my 52 Weeks of Happy!!

1) The beginning of a new Wassail tradition in my little town ... and the Morris Dancing that went with it too

2) Enjoying my little crafty space at home ... having all my wonderful crafty things near by me filling me with inspiration for some wonderful projects in 2013

3) Me and the girlies going bargain hunting at the Flea and Collectibles Fair.

4) Sharing in some wonderfully delicious crumpets made by Zoe

Oh such simple photos but some wonderful memories for the first week of 2013!


I hope your first week of the year has been equally as fabulous!!


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  1. This is such a positive way to start the New Year! Lots of 'happy' things! Cx


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