Sunday, 20 January 2013

My weekend ... and a little bit of snow!! x

So how much snow did you get where you live?
When I awoke on Friday there was only a dusting of snow and the roads were clear, so I got ready for work ... and then the next time I looked out of the window there was loads of snow, it came down so quick!
I took a walk out to the main road to see how that was, as my theory is if I can get to that and its clear then my journey will be ok ... but that too was bad!
I spoke to my neighbours who also work in the city and they had taken the decision not to go in ... so if a man isn't going to drive in it ...!
Fortunately, I had brought some work home with me so spent the day doing that, I did promise myself a walk at lunchtime.
So after a lot of number crunching I wrapped up warm and took me and my camera outside ...

A fleece, body warmer and a fleecy jacket, thick socks and my Doc Martens! Not forgetting the hat and gloves I was as snug as a bug!!

The main road into the town ... all I saw were 4 x 4's on the road!

Down by the river! It was so quiet!

And then the lanes. One of my favourite views ...

And of course the Oak in all her snowy glory ...

 And then it was back home and back to work at my dining room table!

Saturday saw another walk first thing in the morning around the lanes by me ... brrr it looks cold!

This little one seemed quite intrigued about what I was doing and let me take a few pictures of her ... she almost looks inquisitive!!
After breakfast it was a trip into town for supplies ... the usual  ... food for me and some for the birds, snow shovel and wool!!

So ... there were three balls of Sirdar Snuggly DK to make the Amelie Slippers in the latest issue of Inside Crochet ...

Three balls of King Cole Gypsy Super Chunky to make the Saffron Cowl ... I loved the colours in this yarn!

Oh yes and to bring a little bit of sunshine a few bunches of daffs!

The roads were so much better on Saturday, it felt a relief that I would be able to get out!! My road was still a bit of an ice rink but all the other roads were good! So I did venture out for a couple of hours, although I had enjoyed my walks I was feeling a little house bound so I went to see Mr Moo!

The roads also meant that Wytchwood could have a night out for Clives Birthday Bash with a bit of dancing from us and Belly Fusion and listening to Staff and  brilliant The Hut People ... a fabulous duo Gary plays an array of percussion instruments (he has 800 in his collection!!) and Sam on accordion!! They are worth a listen to!!

And now its Sunday, and it is snowing lightly and has been all day ... but it doesn't appear to be sticking as my drive is still clear, and I am actually hoping I will be able to get to work tomorrow!

The saffron cowl has progressed, I have completed two thirds of it ...

So just the last bit to finish and the sewing up!

And the daffodils have bloomed ...

And ... now I am thinking of venturing out for another walk!!

Stay safe and warm!!

Oh and before I forget ... I couldn't resist measuring it!!

 5 inches of snow!!

bye bye



  1. Pretty much the same here - need to take my measuring tape outside too! It's a perfect excuse to stay in & make things :-)
    Love your saffron cowl, that yarn is so pretty. Stay safe & hope you get out & about tomorrow.

    1. Tee hee hee ... not that I need an excuse!! Stay safe and warm too! xx

  2. You had quite a bit of snow! Lovely photos of your local area. We went away to the Yorkshire Dales for the weekend and while it didn't snow much, there was a lot of snow on the ground already. It was incredibly beautiful and rugged. Lucky, lucky people who live in the countryside!

    Gillian x

    1. Oh I love the dales ... lucky you!! Thank you for the compliments about the photos.


  3. Lots of snow here as well, really lovely.

    Did the pattern for the cowl in the same issue? If so I might just pop into whs tomorrow...

    Have a cosy evening.


    1. Yes the slippers and the cowl are all in the latest issue ... do pop and get it tomorrow I am loving the new version of IC!


  4. Mel! I am very pleased to meet you :-) I enjoyed viewing this post so much, and am looking forward to going back through your earlier posts to get to know you better! You had a good and proper snow and your photography is lovely. I am excited that we have been paired for the Heart Swap and would like your address so that I can send you a parcel. My email address is Thanks for visiting my blog and following it! Your crochet projects in this post are such lovely colors!
    Our snow is up on Mt. Hood less than an hour from where I live east of Portland, OR. We have been majoring in fog and frost down in the valley this week. Wishing you happy days!

  5. Lovely photos and great projects! Your cowl is lovely :) Elisabeth xx

    1. Ahhh thank you so much Elisabeth, I have had a nose at your lovely blog and love it especially the sock stash earrings ... brilliant!!! xxx


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