Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas Makes ... x

If you have been back to work today, I hope it was a good day and if you are still enjoying the break may it have been wonderfully relaxing and full of crefty things.
Now Christmas is over I can share more of my Christmas Makes ...
Firstly a pair of fingerless gloves for my friend Soo
To create these gloves I used the pattern from Ravelry "Victorian Texting Gloves by Catherine DePasquale" with a flower created by Lucy at Attic 24 to finish it off.
They were so easy to make ... and so beautiful ... I am naming these "Victorian Gloves" they look fabulous on too!!
I gave another friend H the hook, buttons, a copy of the patterns and the wool to make her own pair ... and thankfully she enjoyed making them too!
There was of course the little owls as christmas cracker presents ...
 In order, from left to right there is the owls made for my Nan, Mom, Dad and my sister
and then there are the two I made for my Man and I ...

And you can see the snowflakes I made, the one above is from Lucy at Attic 24 and the Christmas cards are cross stitch patterns I brought from Hobbycraft. I made cards for Mom & Dad, my Sister and Nan ... as well as the one above for him ... aaaahhh!!
Mom and Dads card is in the Reindeer in the photo above.

Its good to share these ... and to now know that they were all well recieved!!

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  1. The gloves are absolutely wonderful and have kept my hands beautifully warm at the 2 dance-outs over the Xmas period
    Thank you so much for a perfect present
    Soo xxx


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