Sunday, 13 January 2013

It's Sunday! x

Hello, I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!
Its Sunday once more and the sun is shining after a beautifully frosty morning.

This weekend has been a creative one with memory jars and jellyfish (I will explain!!) a little bit of wassailing, and once I have finished blogging I will be continuing with a few samples from the Diploma! Oh and I have started to run again it felt wonderful to be out again this morning.

And so the memory jars ...

 I have created these memory jars for friends for them to record favourite moments from 2013. I have enjoyed putting them together, I gave B's her memory jar this morning when she popped in for a visit and she loved hers ... !!

I can't wait to see what gets put into these jars ... !!

Did you watch Kirsties Vintage Home before Christmas? The one with the crochet included where she got the terminology all mixed up with knitting ... cast on, needles ... grrr! Well, they were making freeform jellyfish Mr Moo loved them and ordered one in blue ...

I love the variegated yarn ... it looks watery! 

The pattern is really easy just rows of double crochet increasing by two each round ...

 And the tentacles are just rows of chains tied into the body of the jellyfish ... and it took no time at all to make.

Mr Moo loved the jellyfish ... I wonder where it will hang!

Last night I went to another Wassail held by Foxs Morris, it was a beautiful cold evening ... unfortunately the battery on my camera lost all its charge on the first shot I tried to take so here are a few from last year ...

These are the fabulous Rhubarb Tarts from Wakefield

Wassailing of an apple tree ...

Getting ready for the light parade.

Gosh it was so cold last night I wasn't at all surprised to see the frost this morning. It was fabulous watching the wassail events in the background for a change as usually I am taking part.

And so the frosty morning today and my run ... I did stop to take a few photos along the way ...

My favourite oak tree on a frosty morning with a beautiful sky.

The first signs of spring .. warms the heart!

A beautiful sunrise over the houses.

And then over the town!

I ran ... with a little bit of walking for over half and hour and felt so good when I arrived home for breakfast. I am planning to run twice in the week and then again at the weekend!

My aim ... to get fitter and trimmer!!

So when I baked today it was a healthier version of carrot cake ...

Which was declared 'Delicious' when B had a slice with a cup of tea this morning!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

bye bye 


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  1. I love your memory jars! Such a great idea!


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