Sunday, 14 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 14 ... fleas and collectibles ... x

I awoke early this morning so my friends and I could have plenty of time to mooch around the local flea and collectibles fair.
The morning was misty, but gradually the sun broke through and so began a lovely day!
I thought this was a little bit of an Antiques Roadshow moment!!
And so to my photos of the market ...
On wondering around the market you see all sorts in boxes and suitcases, in these there were books. The little picture on the chair I thought was beautiful a little oil painting lovingly done by an unknown. A greenman, inspiration maybe for my fabric creation! There is something about old posters and signs I love and there were plenty to photograph while wondering around the market. The cold of the morning had made these glasses look even more fabulous. Soo making a purchase of two spoons, one a sugar shovel and the other a grapefruit spoon!

The market was a little quieter than usual, but it did mean you could get a good look at what was being sold, although I suppose not so good for the stall holders.
And then when the energy reserves needed to be replenished ...
It was time for a real hot chocolate ... a couple of spoons of melted chocolate, hot steaming milk and a few marshmallows ... and not forgetting that all important drizzle of chocolate over the top!!
Which meant we could of course shop some more ... and off we went outside.
Here we are Soo, me and Birdie ... the bulge at my side is my newly purchased wicker basket which I will show you later.
I thought the stall displays were getting more interesting, and the range of things being sold more unusual.
But all very lovely ... even these car grills!
We were soon tiring ... after four hours passing us by ... so it was time to make a steady stroll back to the car and journey home for a nice well deserved sit down and a cup of tea.
Oh and a biscuit ... the magazine is the new edition of The Simple Things ... I highly recommend it!
Oh look can you see the steam rising from my cup of tea? The crocheted piece is one of my purchases from today ... I think it looks fabulous on my table!
Here are the other purchases ... and the wicker basket!
Including a earthenware mixing bowl, lots of crochet pieces (I know I could make them ... but I just couldn't resist!!) and hiding in the bottom of the basket a book called 'The Fragrant Pharmacy ... A complete guide to Aromatherapy and Essential oils'
Happy days!!
bye bye


  1. Looks like you had a fab time, and what a great basket of goodies you came home with!

    I too love that new magazine, tempted to subscribe to it but after doing that with Mollie Makes and then becoming a bit bored of it I wonder if I should....


    1. I know I was thinking about subscribing to Mollie Makes ... x

  2. Love day are fabulous and capture our lovely day x

    1. It twas great fun wasn't it ... !! xx

  3. I love your buys! The doilies are gorgeous, and I love how you have positioned them with the wicker basket :) I am like you too, I know I can crochet them ( and have crocheted a few doilies ) but if I see any at a boot or jumble sale, I do buy them, as I know the many hours of work that has gone into these pieces, and I want to give them a good home, lol :) xxx

    1. Oh Melanie I am so glad I am not the only one ... I just couldn't resist them! I brought a huge blanket once because I knew what work had gone into and I wanted to make sure it had a good home ... lol!! xx


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