Saturday, 27 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 27 ... catching up with life! x

Today for me has been about catching up with life.
Its been about giving myself time to breathe and catch up with a few jobs, its been about me controlling the day rather than the day controlling me.
And I feel so much better for it!
The day started with a run, we set off together but I am still on my walk run, so after my first 2.30 minutes running I saw him disappear into the distance as I slowed to my 1.30 minute walk and to my own little world.
I ran in total for 15 minutes .. I'm so proud of me.
After a well deserved breakfast and a sit down the gardening began calling. My garden was in desperate need of a good tidy up ready for winter so a lot of cutting back, and digging up weeds began.
It is amazing how when you start the work how soon the piles of garden rubbish begins to build on the lawn.
So once we finished ... it meant two trips to the tip!
It was then called for a well deserved lunch, and a little mooch about town ... heaven!
The afternoon and this evening have been more lazy, and I have caught up with crochet.
The samples I promised myself I would do are complete and ready for submission.
Firstly my completed square of quadruple trebles ...
The sides seem straighter this time ... so fingers crossed.
And then a triangle of trebles worked to a point ...
I am really pleased with this sample ... the edges are so much straighter!
And then for fun I made the coasters that came with this months Mollie Makes ...
I need to sew the ends in ... they are lovely!!
I hope your day has been productive too, and that you have rewarded you for your hard work too!
And if you have been a little lazy I am sure it was more than well deserved ... after what are weekends for!
bye bye

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  1. I am glad you have had a lovely day in Nippy Worcestershire...there sure was a bite to the air today. I love the quadruple treble really make me want to try this Diploma but I do not want to bite off more than I can chew...I am so good at doing that! xxx


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