Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 17 ... Hooked!

Obviously this applies to crochet ... !!
I thought I'd catch up with projects tonight and while doing so I am listening to the wonderfully fabulous Mike Harding on BBC Radio 2! And tonight is a delightful hour with the mighty Bellowhead ...
... whoop whoop!!
So its seems a perfect time to catch up with the projects I have on the go.
The Granny Stripe is growing slowly but surely, but for me its the joy of making it that makes me want it never to be finished ... although I know it will one day!!

Perhaps I should start to think about sewing in all those ends!!

 I am already thinking of future blanket creations ... I am thinking ripple, granny square and flowers ... so there are three ideas for three blankets already!!
Oh my!!
The Little Witch is coming along nicely too and is no ready to grow her hair and her features and then to be sewn together. Oh and she needs a skirt too.

The Grace Shrug has gone back to row 50 of the Errata so its shrunk a little but will grow more soon ... and then I will update you with photos!!

My Summer Shrug made up of granny squares is still progressing ... and I am trying to resist the temptation of converting it into a blanket ...

(Oh a must, Mike Harding has just mentioned the Kate Rusby concert on Radio 2 tomorrow night ... I wonder if I can persuade someone it would be a good idea to turn the TV off tomorrow and listen to Kate instead!!)

And then there are the Christmas Presents I need to start ...

A snowflake ready to be blocked ... and starched!!

And its only now a couple of months to go ... !!
 Oh my and the coursework ... I can't forget the course work ... I think I need to be more organised with that ... after all it was the reason I started the blog to map my progress! I think I need to employ Pauline's advice of writing a plan for the work otherwise it'll take me three years just to do the samples!!

(it was October last year I sent the cheque off for part one!!)

And to quote Mr Harding ... 'Its ok to come out of the closet as a Folky!!'

So bye bye from this folky


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  1. Loving all of your crochet :) the striped blanket will look just lovely! I made a one similar, and all those ends, oh my, had me demented! So I just crocheted a border over them ( I was going to add a border anyway, so I thought to myself, why not just crochet over the ends! ), saved all that sewing in :)
    Hope you are having a lovely day :) x


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