Monday, 15 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 15 ... almost half way! x

I am presuming of course that half way will be at lunchtime tomorrow ... !
Last night ... I felt a need to go and look at the river ...

and to watch life going by and the swans gracefully gliding on the water ...
Sometimes just to spend five minutes in the moment helps recharge the batteries.
And so today ... was all about cake and music!
There was a charity cake sale at work today ... with lots of yummy delights to tempt you in parting with your monies for a good cause.
And no I couldn't resist and brought ...
I have been told it will freeze ... but as of yet its not reached the freezer ... but I must resist and wait for the perfect day with tea in cups on saucers, and slices of this delicious cake on posh plates and good friends to share it all with.
The only dilemma is which cup, saucer and posh plate to choose ...
Mmmmm so perhaps I had better put the cake in the freezer till I decide on which ones to use!
I love my teacup trios, and collecting them is a passion of mine! I have to give myself a maximum spend else I would go crazy buying them ... and one day I will finish painting those shelves so I can display them properly!!
At least I know what music I will be listening to, as I enjoy the cake and my cup of tea ...
The new CD by Bellowhead ... a wonderfully brilliant fabulously super folky band ... that I like just a little bit!!
The new CD is BROADSIDE ...
Obviously I will be listening to it this evening!!
And so to say to you all bye bye for tonight as some me time is needed to listen to Bellowhead and crochet ...
PS did you spot the doilies I brought yesterday perfectly showing off today's purchases!!

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