Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Blogtoberfest ... the end ... ! x

Hello ... Samhain Blessings or Happy Halloween!!
I recieved my package for the Samhain Package swap and have opened it today and oh what delights I found inside.

A lovely selection of candles which will come in very handy for the festivals during the year, a hag stone to add to my collection two absolutely beautiful handmade bracelets one of which I am wearing as I type. Oh and the yummy chocolates too (or should I say the eyeballs and pumpkins... !!
I have heard from the recipient of the package I sent and she loves it which I am happy about, the witch has found a wonderful new home where she will be treasured and loved!
This evening for my samhain celebrations I have burnt a candle to say goodbye to the old year and to remember those that have passed.
It was wonderful to have just the candle light and no other distractions to think about what has been and what will be in the year ahead.
To remember with much affection those that have passed that although are no longer on this earth are very much alive in my heart.
The picture above is of my paternal Granddad while he was in the army during the second world war, he knew me only for the first year of my life but I am so glad we met.
In a little while I will burn a white candle to bring in the new, to look forward to the dreams I have coming true.
As I say goodbye to October may I thank you for joining me on my journey, and however you have celebrated Halloween may it have been full of love and laughter!
See you all in November.

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