Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 30 ... Wow ... its almost over!

Hello to all on Halloweens eve!!
I can't believe the month of blogtoberfest is almost at an end ... where did it go .. and what a months its been! I am so proud I virtually, nearly, shared every day of October with you.
My adventures on early morning walks, outings and of course my crochet creations too (a lot of which are wips!!). Its been immense fun and it has certainly made me look at things I see day to day differently.
It has also made me plan my blogs ... what shall I tell you about, and what shan't I ... ! I have truly enjoyed this blogging experience, and while I probably won't be posting after tomorrow every day I know I will be here on a regular basis letting you all know what I have been upto!
Part of the experience has been keeping up with other blogs to and being taken a little into their worlds to ... laughing and crying along with them from their experiences during the month.
Tomorrow will bring the Halloween celebrations which I am looking forward too!!
So tuck up warm and sung at home and bring out the crochet for a cozy night in!

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