Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Blogtoberfest day No 3 ... and Whoops!!

Well this evening I sat down for 5 minutes before getting ready to go to Morris Practice ... and two hours later I awoke a little disorientated!!
So may I dedicate part of this blog to Wytchwood Morris ...
The Wytches a mixed morris side dancing border, cotswold and molly traditional dances from England.

I have been dancing with a Morris now for a number of years and throughly enjoy it, for me its about keeping one of Englands wonderful traditions alive and breathing!

Wytchwood also fits in with the Autumnal colours challenge with the colours of our tatters!! We dress in the border style of morris, which comes from the border between England and Wales.

Kat at I Saw You Dancing in her day 3 Blogtoberfest blog has talked about the healing power of music in her Worthiness Wednesday post. This got me thinking about music in my life and how powerful it is for me.

My Dad is in a band, and during my childhood I fell asleep every third Thursday (there are three in the band and they rotate practice between each others homes) to the sound of my Dad singing.

Sometimes me and my sister would sneak out of bed and listen from the top of the stairs.

There are now so many songs that the me as a child loved and that me as an adult still loves because of listening to my Dad sing.

Its because of this nusic is a big part of who I am, it allows me to escape a little from the world around me, it can help make me happy when feeling a little sad, it can make me cry and always I love singing out loud!!

Thank you Dad!!


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