Saturday, 6 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 6 ... Grace Shrug!

It is Saturday evening and I am sat at home, with the cats asleep beside me (snoring!!), Pride and Prejudice on, and I am ready to update you all on day 6 of Blogtoberfest.
May I firstly introduce you to my two cats, the first is Evans a ginger tom cat, he is quite independent as all cats are, but loves his morning cuddles,
next we have Prilly a black girl cat, very conversational and a bit of a shadow, following me around the house wherever I go!

Unfortunately Prilly came in this afternoon with a poorly leg ... she is limping quite badly, although she is starting to put a little more weight on it.
After anxiously checking it wasn't too serious as best I could ... it was a phone call to the Vets to see whether they would agree or not ... which if not would have meant an emergency visit to them!
Thankfully it was classed as a non emergency ... unless she starts howling ... no chance of that now she is asleep, and yes she is the one snoring!!!
I was able to breathe a sigh of relief ... although the cat basket is out just in case ... and there may yet be a visit to the Vets on Monday!!
Ooops ... !
I have just realised that I headed this post 'Grace Shrug' so I had better mention that too!!
Work continued on the shrug last night, I am only on row 53 which isn't far at all in the pattern, but I am loving the pattern of it already!
Although I have come across a little problem ... I have two sets of the same stitch at the start and end of the row, rather than the repeated pattern ... a mystery to be solved!!
But it looks good anyhow ...!!
So its gone from this ...
To this ...

I am only at the start of the sleeve ... but this is what it looks like on so far ...

And as for the question I posed yesterday about autumnal colours ...

has a few of the answers behind, why there are reds, yellows and oranges during the autumn months, and why carrots are orange, daffodils are yellow and strawberries are red!!

Until tomorrow ... !!



  1. I do love cats. I don't have one as I have a dog that likes to be the only one. I have had cats in the past, a kitten that disappeared (too sad) and a big old rescue Tabby Tom cat. I had him for a couple of years. He was my buddy and called Buddy. I am allergic to cats but would still let him sleep on my bed. I have the wantsies for a cat now! I hope Prilly is on the mend. Oh yeah the shrug! lol It is coming along nicely. :) I might have to read about Autumn leaf colours when I am feeling clever! xxx

    1. Hello Lucy,

      Prilly is on the mend (I hope)she is putting more weight on her leg now, as long as she walks slowly ... but she has a tendency to run everywhere. And I am finding myself saying to her 'walk slowly!' as if she can understand me!!

      It will probably be a trip to the Vets tomorrow to check it out properly.


  2. Your cats are so pretty - hope the poorly leg is on the mend.

    That shrug is going to be a real treat!


    1. Thank you Helen, of course I am biased about these two!

      I can't wait to finish the shrug, the colour is so beautiful and I am loving the pattern!!



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