Saturday, 20 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 20 ... and 19 ...

The world and life caught up with me a little yesterday ... which meant there was no time to post.
but ...
If I had ...
I would have told you about a storytelling festival that has happened near where I work, and these beautiful creations were being displayed as part of the festival.
I love to see people crafting at all ages, and I hope those that created these keep creating beautiful art for the rest of their lives.
So to day 20 of blogtoberfest ... and its been all about relaxing and trying to get a little bit of me back after a busy week.
So its all crochet!!
And the day started crocheting in bed!!
The errata is working for the Grace Shrug and now it is starting to grow once more.
Today has seen me buying a purple washbowl for the kitchen sink ... and I was soooo excited to find it ... perhaps I will now do the washing up more often!!
And this evening to relax and be me ... yes ... more crochet!
Meet the Little Witch ...

She is finally together, and has been created from a mismatch of patterns, but I love her and think she is amazingly cute!
She is going into another Samhain package swap I am doing I will be sad to see her go, but know she is off to a good home, and will be loved!!
I am wondering now if there is a tiny black cat crochet pattern I could do to go with her
Mmmmm ravelry here I come ... oh ... or the teeny tiny pattern book I have on the bookshelf!!
I thought I would share with you my workspace ... on my comfy sofa ...

Its a bit messy ... and how does wool manage to unwind on its own ... one of life's mystery's.
For me tomorrow is going to be another ME day to continue a much needed recharge of my batteries, hopefully starting with a long lie in.
I may have to employ Thriftwoods housework tips so I can relax for the rest of the day!
So I will see you tomorrow to report on my crocheting day tomorrow.
PS I hope I am forgiven for missing a day!!
Oh and ... PPS ... remember the giveaway ... see Day 16 for details

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