Monday, 8 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 8 and Dancing

Yesterday I took part in a day of dance with my Morris Side, it was quite a day and I don't think my little home town has seen anything quite like it!! We were joined by Bedcote Morris, Silhill, Shrewsbury Morris, Old Meg Morris and Blackadder Morris to make it a truly enjoyable day.
And so here are a few photos of the day ...
Wytchwood Morris
dancing the first dance of the day and next were the ladies from ...
Shrewsbury Morris
It appears that I didn't take any photos of the men from Shrewsbury Morris but they too were fabulous!!
And just to prove Border Morris sides do dances with hankies occasionally ...
And with taking photos of dancers I thought I had better add some musicians in there too ..

Old Meg Morris

And here we have ...

Bedcote Morris
 (with a few Wytches hidden amongst them ... they have come over to the dark side!)

Not forgetting ...
Blackadder Morris

and one of Blackadders musicians playing the ullieann pipes

And I found a few crafty delights in the garden to the Museum ... heaven!!

And from the gardens into the museum ...

A woolly stall ... 

And saving the best for last ... guerilla knitting in the museum gardens ...

And the note on the knitting ...

And people were hugging the tree which was good to see.
Yesterday was truly a wonderful day ...
ending in a relaxing way curled up on the sofa with those I love.
See you tomorrow!!
Oh p.s. I am happy to report that Prilly my poorly little cat from Saturday is all better, confirmed by the Vet today it looks as if it was only a sprain ... phew!!


  1. Now you have made me want to become a Morris Dancer!

  2. Lucy you should have a go ... it is good fun!! x


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