Monday, 29 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 29 ... A trip to Bath! x

Hello I hope your Monday has gone well!
Yesterday was a trip to Bath with the girls, a wonderful relaxing shopping trip to the beautiful city. And as I wasn't driving I took advantage and had a little crochet time.
I find these days that although I can no longer read in the car I can crochet ... whoop whoop!
So on the journey to Bath I made a little bunny ...

From the above picture you can get an idea of how small they are ... its still to be stuffed and have its tail sewn on though!
And for some reason I am now inspired to create a few little bunnies in pink for the Bunnies from Hell Morris Side ... yes really!!
Unfortunately we arrived in Bath in time for Lunch ... !!
The venue for Lunch was Yo Sushi ... which was a little scary for me as I don't really like fish, but the menu was a sheer delight of veggie and meat choices so I definitely didn't starve!

The conveyor belt!

My nice little (ahem!) stack of empty dishes!

And of course it would have been rude not to have pudding!!

And then it was out into Bath we ventured ... now I can play the fiddle a little, but to play and balance on this tightrope would for me be a sheer impossibility!!

The famous Pump Rooms ...

A little bit of the Abbey ...

In between admiring the sights was a little bit of shopping I can assure you ... and so we had to rest for a little while over a hot chocolate in a lovely little coffee shop with a wonderful view.
Through the window by our table

The panoramic view ...

And of course while nattering away in the coffee shop I did manage to sneak in a little crochet time too!!
I think I moved just at the wrong time ... or I really was crocheting that quick!!
I hope you are all carving pumpkins this evening!!
Have a lovely evening.
bye bye!!

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  1. Fab pics Mellie Moo and I took that photo 3 times ...all were blurred so I think you must crochet that fast!
    Did my pumpkin earlier so whilst dinner is I'll grab a few minutes knitting :0)


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