Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 23 ... and a package swap x

To celebrate Halloween I am taking part in a little package swap, and I think I am almost there in putting together my package to send off ready for the 31st.
within my little parcel there are;
black, white and orange candles
They are new candles for the new year
The black candle represents the Lord and the old year, you burn this first to release the old. The white candle represents the Lady and the new year, you burn this to welcome in the new.
Sandalwood incense cones
Sandalwood is one of the incenses of Samhain and helps to bring sight.
Obsidian, carnelian stones
Pumpkin Candle and Pumpkin Smarties
Pumpkins are one of the many foods of the festival, the ancients held these as sacred to the dead
Little Witch and Little Black Cat
both for fun and to represent the trick-or-treating and the feasting and partying to defy the coming darkness
And a little packet of Rosie Tea from my favourite Herb Lady.
Hopefully there will be a
Besom Broom
To sweep out the old year and any negativity it had
And I will include with the parcel for suitable decorations representing the festivals
A few acorns, pine cones and leaves.
A truly Samhain Package that will be well recieved by SirenMoonBee (I hope!!)
PS I know at the moment she probably doesn't read this so I am safe in letting you into the secret!!

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