Monday, 22 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 22 ... cold days and crochet ... ! x

Brrrrrrrr ... I'm cold!!
Thats it moan over ... as winter comes ever closer ... at least I can just pull on those layers of jumpers to get warm ... !!
The sun did come out for a moment yesterday and while I was busying myself with chores the cats found the prime spot on the sofa!
So for my afternoon of crochet ... and me being the saft cat owner I am ... sat on the floor!!
In the picture I am trying to create a pumpkin pin cushion ... which didn't go well ... ! I was following a pattern, but I think I am going to create my own version instead!
While sat on the floor, and with the pumpkin not going so well I found myself distracted by the shadows created in the room by the sun.

I don't know whether it was a moment you had to be there to appreciate it fully, but I loved these shadows ... the one above is quite artistic I thought!!
Oh the things that go on in my little mind!!
I came back to 'reality' and began to crochet a teeny tiny cat from Teeny Tiny Crochet by Catherine Hirst to go with my Little Witch ...
All the time I spent crocheting yesterday there were delicious and tempting smells coming from the kitchen ...
Yesterdays Sunday Roast was suitably wintery ... and delicious ... lamb shanks slowed cooked for four hours, and I did wonder whether I would last till dinner time ... the smells were just delicious!
And I have to say it was as scrummy eat ... mmmmmmmmmm!!
Yesterday I showed you views of my wonderful little town ... this was a picture I drew from those views a couple of years ago.
The afternoon continued on the crochet theme with progress being made on the Grace Shrug.
The cats did finally make room on the sofa for me ... !!
The shrug has travelled with me to work today ... where it has grown a little more ...
I find crochet helps me escape for half an hour at lunchtime ... it gives me a little me time.
Sigh ... !!
Oh reminder to self put stitch marker into bag for tomorrow ... so you don't have to use a stray paperclip instead!!
Off to pack my bag for work tomorrow.

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  1. So glad to see that you have used paperclips as stitch markers, Mellie! I was rather proud of myself the first time I thought of using one...and it worked very nicely :-)


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