Friday, 26 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 26 ... and its the weekend! x

Hello all ... as we welcome in the weekend ... at last!!
Never has a weekend felt so welcome as the one that is now here, and this weekend is going to be full of nothing more than relaxing and chilled out times, catching up with life, those nearest and dearest and friends.
And of course a 'little' bit of crochet!!
And so may I introduce you to this months delights ...
I feel myself relax into the weekend as I open these magazines ... and the list of projects increase ... if only the time to do them increased to!!
From them I have a few ideas for Christmas presents ... and I think a little bit of cross stitch may be in order to without giving too much away of course!
Oh and have you seen the free yarn and patterns for the coasters on Mollie Makes ... YES these will be made at some point over the weekend!!
At lunchtime today I began the samples I promised I would send on Monday to Crochet Design.

But first I had to unravel a knot in the wool ... grrrr ... but I did manage to do two rows of the Quadruple Treble.

See ... I even took my newly organised course folder with me to work ... dedication ... oh but note the corner of a previous issue of Inside Crochet which also means I was looking at wool at lunchtime too.
Yes, I was thinking of purchasing ... only thinking but I am so close to buying!!
Which means another project ... oh my!!
So what have you got planned for the weekend?
Does your crochet travel wherever you go?
What are you crocheting, knitting or sewing this weekend?
See you tomorrow!!

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  1. you asked what we'd be up to this my hand is still too painful and bruised to climb I have my knitting here beside me and will be picking it up in a few minutes
    Quiet 'me' day tomorrow = more crochet/knitting
    And very much looking forward to a girly shopping day on Sunday :0)x


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